Michael H. Humphrey


1984 b. South Africa.

1988 Relocates to England, UK.

1996 Finds his fathers Pentax K1000. Paints and draws extensively.

2004 Moves to Sydney, Australia.

2005 Relocates to London, England. Works as photo and digital assistant to various portrait, fashion and beauty photographers. Assists director on commercial music videos.

2008 Finishes assisting, dedicates time to developing his own style. Spends great deal of time in Italy, where he shoots various private portfolios. Learns advanced darkroom hand printing techniques from some old school masters who printed for Beaton, Bailey, Bourdin and Newton.

2012 Contributes to various underground publications. Personally meets and photographs influential artists such as Denis Piel and Will McBride. Builds his own darkroom where he develops and prints by hand all his fine art work.

2017 Michael is currently working on numerous photographic projects and a film.